Behavior-Based Safety

In early December, staff from the five Brice 8(a) companies (Brice Environmental, Brice Engineering, STG Pacific, Brice Civil Constructors, Brice Builders) participated in a unique safety training known as Behavior-Based Safety. Summarized, Behavior Based Safety is “the process that creates a safety partnership between management and employees that continually focuses on people’s attention and actions on theirs, and others, daily safety behavior.”

Gregory Grabowski, PE, LEED® AP, President of GCC LLC, led the BBS training, which was held, incidentally, just days after Anchorage experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. No injuries or loss of life were incurred at Brice (nor across the affected region)—an outcome that highlights our individual and collective commitments to safety. Gregory shared his impressions of our staff training: “The Brice team was fully engaged and forward-leaning in its approach to safety both at work and at home. The recent 7.0 earthquake in Anchorage was a not so gentle reminder that discussing family emergency plans in advance with those we love is an essential tool in our toolbox of safe behaviors.”

In an industry where safety is of utmost concern due to hazards on construction and environmental jobsites, Brice is committed to providing the training needed that helps us to keep building upon our safety culture. BBS training was one such training that gave us a chance to end 2018 and begin 2019 thinking about safety from a whole new perspective.